Cycling and Covid-19

Many more people are cycling as Colchester comes out of lockdown. CCC is pressing Essex County Council to create pop-up cycle lanes. See our blog.  Please follow government advice on social distancing, etc. If you need advice on bikes, maintenance or routes, contact us.

Our monthly Bike Drinks is now a virtual meeting. If you would like to join in, please get in touch.

Improvements to the Colchester cycling network

Essex County Council has announced a range of improvements to the Colchester cycling network. You can view the details at 

New national guidance came out in July 2020 and councils will have to conform to it if they want their projects funded. They also have to show a commitment to active travel in order to receive funding for any other projects. The guidance was accompanied by Gear Change, in which the government spelt out its vision for active travel.

This page looks at improvements under way, as well as improvements suggested by CCC (sheet 2). You can also view this page in Google Sheets.


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Join our CCC email group for general discussions of what matters to everyday cyclists in Colchester. You will need a Google log-in. If you have problems signing up, please contact us.

NB, we also run Bikecom for people who go to Bike Drinks and are involved in the nitty-gritty of campaigning. If you would like to join this, please email will [at] See our privacy policy